KPI Drill is the easy but powerful KPI data management tool

Java / Oracle / J2EE, enterprise level.
Configuration driven, KPI changes are immediate. One build for all implementations.
Online reporting and alarms.

If your core project is a data warehouse, and you have lots of resources to do the right job, then please design your own database schema and use API's and tools to design your own KPIs and reports. There are plenty of skills for rent and an abundence of tools and training to choose from. KPIs, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence are exciting aress to be in. Make sure you have deep pockets and put aside some expectations towards success.

HOWEVER - if your company's core competence is not data management, if your staff have not worked on data management before, or if the data management is only one block of one or multiple projects and want a cost effective data management solution, then stop and think about your strategy. Do you really want to build your own solution?

Using KPI Drill, specify your KPIs within the tool and the tool will build up the database schema and manage the loading of data in and out of the database for you. You don't need to worry about the underlying data warehouse principles being used, you get to concentrate on the business problems at hand and design good KPIs.

Key features of KPI Drill include:
Less upfront spend. Cheaper than Business Objects.
Easy to use. Require less skilled staff and less of their time.
Faster time to market. KPI Drill is configuration based. New KPIs and database schemas do not require a new build of the tool.
Configuration driven. Create your own XML configuration files and store them with source control of the project, thus controlling and versionining of imlementations.

KPI Drill is written in Java using J2EE and runs on Oracle. Best practices are used to push all data crunching to the database, thus leveraging Oracles power to manage very large data sets.

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